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Intellectual Property

Trademark Registration & Copyright Registration

Trade Secret Protection

Intellectual Property Licensing

Technology Licensing

Infringement Litigation and Arbitration

Consultation on Intellectual Property Rights

Corporate Law

Company establishment

Contracts & Articles of Association

Restructuring, Mergers & Partitions

Share Ownership Assignment

Establishment of Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures

Mediation and Litigation

Bankruptcy & Liquidation

Government advisement on Securities Law

Real Estate

Development Planning & Negotiations

Construction Contract & Negotiations

Home Purchase Document Validation

Developer Investigations

Real Property Leases

Dispute Resolution

Business Contract

Negotiating, Drafting & Reviewing Contracts

Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation

International Arbitration

Franchise Establishment

Government Procurement

Investment & Banking

Commercial & Civil Loan Dispute Resolution

International Credit Loan & Financing

Mortgage s

Legal Consultancy

Provide Legal Advice

Draft and Review of Legal Documents

Establish Internal Rules & Regulations

Labor Dispute Mediation

Legal Staff Training

Government Legal Advising

Individual Legal Consultation

Criminal Representation

Pre-Trial Assistance

Defense Representation

Plaintiff Representation Regarding Damages

Victim Representation

Legal Criminal Review and Appeals

Other Services

Notary Public Services including:

Notarizing Legal Activities

Facilitating Notary Public Applications

Estate Planning

Safety Deposit

Commercial Credibility Investigation

Labor Dispute Arbitration